Our services help your professional office
focus on what it does best.


Thirty years ago.

Offices used to be pretty simple places, technically speaking. Aside from equipment, all you needed were a computer, phone and fax machine. Times have changed.


Today, there are dozens of challenges that professional offices, dental clinics and optometry centres need to meet in order to remain efficient, secure and competitive:

Secure email Privacy impact assessment (PIA) Off-site backups Visual identity Copywriting Domain name registration & renewal Website design & development Photography Network security Social media curation Search engine optimization Online advertising SSL registration & renewal Server maintenance Technical support

The quality of your website can determine whether a prospective client chooses your office—or not. Increasing visitors to your website leads to more clients. Cultivating an active social media presence attracts clients who otherwise may never have heard of you. And a robust backup strategy for client data is crucial.

Hiring dedicated staff for all these responsibilities is costly. And trying to manage all these services yourself can distract from your office’s primary focus. That’s where we come in.

What we do.

We help your office focus on what it does best—by taking care of the things we do best: creative and technical services designed for dental offices. Our monthly subscription plans provide integrated, ongoing, wide-ranging services in three areas:


Advertising & social media management.


Help Desk, technical support, network security, desktop and device management, and data backup audits.


Business cards, signage and multimedia content.