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Whether the job is creative, technical or regulatory, tell us what you need and we’ll take care of the details—so you can focus on what you does best.

IT managed services

Desktop support, device management, backups, firewall management, antivirus, email support and more

We provide responsive and proactive IT support to small- and mid-sized businesses. Our managed services plans include: unlimited remote technical support, weekly maintenance visits, on-site emergency visits, monthly action reports and advisories. All plans are month-to-month subscriptions with no contracts.

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Custom development

LSD conversion, software development, mapping and GIS visualization

Do you have thousands of LSD locations that you need converted, mapped and visualized? Say, on a website? Or as a static HTML file? We can help. Send us your data, in whatever format, with 1,000-100,000 LSD addresses (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and/or Manitoba) and we will convert them to geographic locations and generate a web-based visualization (heatmap) with clickable markers, a legend, filter controls—more. (Here is an example of Alberta well site licenses issued 2008-2009, with detail links to Grid Atlas.)

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Design, development, hosting and secure email

We design, develop and host a beautiful website for your business. Our website package includes: design, copywriting, original photography, domain name registration and renewal, SSL certificate, secure contact form, secure email, online client scheduling, and the first two years of hosting. (Hosting thereafter costs $45 per month, prepaid annually.) Production time is 3-4 weeks.



Visual identity

Logo and emblem graphic design

We create a clear symbol for your organization, which simply and uniquely identifies it from all others. We then produce a smaller, distilled version of your logo—called an emblem—for places where a logo is too large to be effective. Production time: 2-3 weeks.



Privacy impact assessment

1-5 clinicians at a single location

Dental offices in Alberta that maintain patient information are required by the Health Information Act (HIA) to submit a Privacy Impact Assessment to Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner. We are ready to complete a PIA for your office and protect it from data theft, fines for non-compliance and threat of ransomware. Production time: 4-6 weeks.