We take care of your online reputation, refresh your social media presence, and—if you like—manage your online advertising, ensuring that your monthly ad budget is effective and well-spent.

Reputation management. Online reviews are a fact of life. Depending on how you manage them, they can make or break your clinic. Acknowledging positive reviews reinforces the impression that your clinic is active and responsive. Responding well to less-than-perfect reviews gives context to the discussion and limits the damage they might have to other readers’ impressions. Let us manage your online reputation so you can focus on what you do best.     Alpha Bravo

Google Business. We manage your Google Business listing and keep its details up-to-date. We also curate your listing’s visual identity and help improve its page rank over time.     Alpha Bravo

Facebook. Research shows that a well-managed and regularly-updated Facebook page helps organizations attract clients and grow their business. We set up, manage and integrate your Facebook page with your website. This includes incorporating your logo and other elements of your organization’s visual identity such that your web identity is consistent across your social media properties. Finally, we add new content to your Facebook page each week and respond to questions and comments—which according to many experts is crucial to improving your social and website ranking.     Alpha Bravo

Twitter. There are many reasons why your organization should have a Twitter page. We set up, manage and integrate your Twitter page with your website—including your logo and other elements of your organization’s visual identity. As we do with your other social media properties, we update your Twitter each week with meaningful content designed to attract followers, engage readers and encourage prospective clients to visit your website and, finally, your clinic.     Alpha Bravo

LinkedIn. There are likewise reasons and more reasons for your organization to have its own LinkedIn page. There, we set up, manage and integrate your LinkedIn page with your website—including your logo and other elements of your organization’s visual identity. As your dental office grows and staff changes, we keep your LinkedIn business page up-to-date, which is an excellent way to recruit top staff.     Alpha Bravo

Instagram. Over five million businesses worldwide use Instagram to share their stories with existing and prospective customers. You should too! And we can help, with weekly updates showcasing your beautiful clinic and friendly staff.     Alpha Bravo

YouTube. Having your own YouTube channel expands your office’s social media presence even further. Need content? No problem, our partner Method Visual produces stunning, evergreen content for your website and YouTube channel at very competitive rates: 360º video in 4K provide a realistic preview of your clinic to potential clients.     Bravo

Facebook advertising. Advertising online can be very expensive and ineffective if not done correctly and not monitored every month. Save time and money—and get a better return on your advertising investment—by letting us professionally manage your Facebook ads campaigns for you. Tell us your monthly budget, provide us with a credit card, and each week we will do the rest—plus provide you with a report of your campaigns’ effectiveness.     Bravo


We secure your office network and devices, ensure critical data is regularly backed-up, and provide a 24/7/365 help desk with regular on-site maintenance visits. Your office will run smoothly month-after-month, year-after-year.

Remote technical support. . Anyone in your office having trouble configuring email on a new workstation or printing to the office printer? Let us know and we will remotely connect to your office to troubleshoot your IT problems. Unlimited hours. And we’re responsive: Our regular hours SLA is max 90-minute response time for normal priority, 60-minute for critical. Off-hours SLA is max 4-hour response time for normal priority, 2-hour for critical.     Romeo Sierra

Help Desk hotline. Got a question? Need after-hours support? Our Help Desk web portal makes it easy for anyone in your office to get real-time assistance from R2 technical and creative engineers. With best-in-class business and off-hours SLAs, we ensure your office stays focused on what it does best.     Romeo Sierra

Weekly emergency visit. 24/7/365 emergency availability, including one on-site visit per week (2+ hours). Unlimited additional on-site technical support—if required—at $75 per hour     Romeo Sierra

Monthly maintenance visit (2+ hours). Like many things, your IT environment run best when regularly serviced and maintained. Antivirus, software updates, security patches help keep your office IT environment safe, secure and efficient.     Romeo Sierra

Weekly maintenance visit (2+ hours). Does your office encounter non-urgent technical issues that requires on-site resolution? No problem—we’re there for you each week. And when everything is running smoothly, we proactively improve your IT environment by applying best practices to desktops, devices and servers.     Sierra

Security audits. Information security is constantly under attack. New exploits emerge almost daily that threaten your office’s data. That is why, each month, we visit your office and perform a comprehensive security audit—including your network, workstations, servers, mobile devices and website—and apply updates where needed, ensuring your IT infrastructure meets security best practices. At the same time, we audit your office’s email clients once a month to ensure they are configured to ensure secure, private communications     Sierra


We manage the visual identity of your website, office and printed materials.